2016 NTC Annual Meeting October 16-18, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

2016 NTC Annual Meeting

2016 NTC Annual Meeting

Mark your calendar for our next meeting:

October 16-18
Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

Philosophy of Organization

The Wyoming Taxpayers Association, a 501(c)(4), is a nonprofit corporation organized to serve its members by promoting efficient and effective government through independent and unbiased analysis of public expenditures and taxation policies, coupled with wide dissemination of these analysis.


  • How Wyoming Compares - Revenues and Expenditures - national comparative fiscal rankings.
  • Wyoming Tax Summary - guide to state and local taxes, including statutory citation, base, rate, exemptions, collection procedure, yield, distribution and government agency contacts.
  • Wyoming Property Taxation - annual county-by-county report detailing the assessed value and mill levies for all Wyoming taxing jurisdictions.

WTA Tax Roundup is Wyoming’s monthly newsletter.


  • Senate File 34, Wyoming Property Tax relief - Regionalized Property Tax Relief
  • Senate Files 9, 12 & 44 - Legislation dealing with the valuation of Intangible Assets.
  • Senate File 67, Specific Purpose Tax - Collections


As a 501(c)(3), WRC’s mission is to serve our members and the public by promoting effective public policy and efficient government through objective fiscal analysis of policy questions and through broad communication of these findings.


  • 2008 A Citizen’s Guide to Property Taxes in Washington State
  • 2008 State Competitiveness Redbook - A 50 State Comparison
  • 2007 Seattle’s Business Taxes are a Competitiveness Issue

Policy Briefs focus on a single topic, range from one to four pages and contain essential, timely information.

Special Reports are longer, in-depth analyses. Findings are based on a study conducted over a period of time

Philosophy of Organization

The Utah Taxpayers Association, a 501(c)(4), is dedicated to “Working to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness in state and local government.”


  • How Utah Compares, State and Local Taxes, 2004 edition (pamphlet)
  • 2003 & 2004 Utah Property Tax Rates, November 2004 (booklet)
  • The 2004 Eugene & Eunice Utah Family (pamphlet)
  • 2005 Fast Tax: Tax Summary - Easy Reference Guide (booklet)
  • Utah School District Comparisons 2002-2003 (pamphlet)

The Utah Taxpayer newsletter is published monthly.


“The Utah Taxpayers Association has been the spearhead in promoting efficient and effective government in Utah since 1922. There are only a few groups fighting for limited government and more effective uses of your tax dollars. Perhaps the most effective and influential of these is the Utah Taxpayers Association.”
-Mel Brown, Former Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives1578 West 1700 South
Suite 201
Salt Lake City, Utah

Philosophy of Organization

TTARA, a 501(c)(4), advocates a sound and equitable revenue and expenditure program for the State of Texas. Through TTARA, business leaders work for tax and spending policies that characterize a fiscally responsible government. This requires a balance between providing efficient services at the least cost to taxpayers and distributing the costs of government without placing an unfair tax burden on any segment of the economy.


  • The Telecommunications Industry in the Texas Economy and Tax State - A Study by the TTARA Research Foundation
  • Forms of Business and the Texas Franchise Tax - A Study by the TTARA Research Foundation

TTARA Newsletter is published monthly during legislative sessions.


“Of all the organizations and associations in and around Texas government I truly feel that TTARA is one of the most helpful to those of us holding public office. It has a commitment to making Texas better for all.”
-former Lt. Governor Bob Bullock


RIPEC, a 501 (c)(3), is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan public policy research and education organization dedicated to the advancement of effective, efficient and equitable government in Rhode Island.

Through its in-depth research, program monitoring, advocacy and public information activities, RIPEC:

  • Suggests approaches to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government agencies;
  • Promotes fiscal responsibility and sound management practices;
  • Assists elected officials and their staff in the development of sound policies and programs;
  • Provides objective information and conducts educational programs for the benefit of Council members, public officials, and the general public;
  • Builds coalitions with other community groups to promote sound public policies; and
  • Promotes a public policy agenda to promote a climate for economic opportunity.


  • FY 2005 State Budget: Overview and Comments
  • Taxpayer Guide to School Finance Reform
  • FY 2005 Medicaid Report
  • Analysis of Rhode Island’s Debt Position and the 2004 Bond Referenda
  • Results: Education in Rhode Island
  • A System Out of Balance – Rhode Island’s State and Local Tax System


“For those of us in journalism and academia, RIPEC’s assiduous collection of information and insightful—and sometimes courageous— analysis of what it all means for public policy is invaluable.”
-The Providence Journal


The New Mexico Tax Research Institute, a 501(c)(3), is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, member supported organization dedicated to providing fact based principled research and analysis to the tax policy debate in New Mexico. We do not advocate any agenda for or against taxation. We seek only to study, inform and educate the public and tax policy makers concerning the pressing issues of taxation facing our state. We believe that well-versed policymakers and an active, informed citizenry are essential for effective representative government.


  • The Streamlined Sales Tax Project and New Mexico: A Guide to the Policy Questions
  • The New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax “Pyramid”: Issues and Answers
  • The Institute issues one report a month titled Tax Matters: The Newsletter of the New Mexico Tax Research Institute.


Ranking member of the NM House of Representatives Revenue and Tax Committee told the Committee that he wanted the New Mexico Tax Research Institute to become the source of independent analysis for tax legislation.


NTA, a 501 (c)(4), advocates for Nevada’s taxpayers, sound fiscal policies in tax and expenditure matters, which provide efficiency, accountability, fiscal sanity, and common sense. NTA also promotes the cause of the taxpayers, for responsible government at a reasonable price.


  • Tax Facts – A 96-page digest of all major taxes levied in Nevada. In addition to the information on statutory cites, rates, collection, distribution and contacts, it contains a history of each of the major taxes levied in Nevada. It is published after each legislative session.
  • Understanding Nevada’s Property Tax System – A 20-page booklet that provides property taxpayers with information on assessment methodology, calculation of tax rates, exemptions and abatements available, and procedures for appealing valuations.
  • Legislative Report – A weekly summary of legislation interests to members which identifies the Association’s positions on fiscal issues.
  • Legislative Preview – A synopsis of requested bills, issued every 2 weeks for the 6 months preceding a legislative year.
  • Nevada Issues – An occasional publication devoted to exploring in-depth a specific issue of timely importance.
  • Tax Topics – NTA’s newsletter published throughout the year.
  • NTA e-brief – An electronic publication sent every three to four weeks with briefs on tax workshops and Commission meetings in addition to a listing of upcoming meetings regarding taxes and business regulatory issues.


The establishment of the Cashman Good Government Award to honor a government employee or agency for innovations that have resulted in a more efficient, cost effective, user friendly government.
• Conducts biennial Tax and Budget Workshops for legislative candidates, other elected officials and members.
• Considered the primary resource by printed and electronic media in Nevada for information on all tax and related issues.

The signing into law of:

  • A “Taxpayers Bill of Rights”;
  • Legislation to create a State stabilization fund (AKA Rainy Day Fund);
  • The elimination of “consumable goods” from business personal property taxes;
    • Creating a local government “Taxpayers Bill of Rights”;
    • The changing of a prospective payment of the insurance premium tax to actual payment;
    • A standing legislative committee to review the formulas and distribution of Nevada Taxes.

Philosophy of Organization

MTA, a 501(c)(4), believes in efficiency and accountability for government; and a healthy tax climate for both individuals and businesses. A sound, efficient and solvent government that will keep pace with the need for services.


  • MONTANA TAXATION - An annual in depth, detailed report of revenue collections and expenditures in Montana.
  • MONTANA PROPERTY TAX MILL LEVIES - An annual detailed listing of mill levies in all 56 counties, the cities, towns, and schools within those counties. There is no other source, public or private, for the information in this publication.
  • MONTANA TAX LAWS - Booklet containing a brief description of state and local new tax laws affecting businesses and property owners.
  • HOW MONTANA COMPARES - A handy state-by-state taxation comparison in pamphlet form.

MTA publishes the Montana Taxpayers newsletter monthly.


“The Montana Taxpayers Association is an informed, enlightened and essential ingredient in the civil discourse that shapes the future of our special state. I can’t imagine - and frankly don’t want to - functioning Montana without it.”
former Governor Marc Racicot


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