2016 NTC Annual Meeting October 16-18, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV

NTC Officers and Board

NTC Officers

Teresa Casazza President California Taxpayers Association
Richard Anklam Immediate Past President New Mexico Tax Research Institute
Dale Craymer Vice President Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
Carol Portman Treasurer Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois

NTC Board of Directors

Kevin McCarthy Arizona Tax Research Association
Teresa Casazza California Taxpayers Association
Dominic M. Calabro Florida TaxWatch
Tom Yamachika Tax Foundation of Hawaii
Ben Davenport Associated Taxpayers of Idaho
Carol Portman Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois
Jeff Smith Iowa Taxpayers Association
Robert Scott Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
Eileen McAnneny Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation
Mark Haveman Minnesota Center of Fiscal Excellence
Bob Story Montana Taxpayers Association
Anna Thornley Nevada Taxpayers Association
Richard Anklam New Mexico Tax Research Institute
John Simmons Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council
Dale Craymer Texas Taxpayers and Research Association
Howard Stephenson Utah Taxpayers Association
Lew Moore Washington Research Council
Buck McVeigh Wyoming Taxpayers Association
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