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Iowa Taxpayers Association


The Iowa Taxpayers Association (ITA), a 501(c)(4), is a business-sponsored tax policy organization founded in 1935. ITA’s mission is to educate and inform Iowans about sound fiscal policy; provide state policymakers with objective, nonpartisan research about the impact of specific tax and spending policies; and advocate for the adoption of rational public fiscal policy as it relates to business and corporate taxes. ITA is comprised of companies and organizations that represent Iowa 's most involved corporate citizens. They share the same ideal of promoting tax policy that is fair, accountable, and competitive. ITA is a respected source of objective advocacy for rational laws and regulations as they relate to business tax issues.



ITA Legislative Bulletin-Published weekly to provide an update to members on legislative and regulatory proposals.

ITA Statement of Policies and Initiatives-Sets forth ITA's positions on key state business issues that are important to the Association's stated mission and purpose.

State Budget Review-Conducted at several specific points-in-time each year. The goal of this annual review is to encourage the key fiscal policy developers and lawmakers of Iowa to continue their consideration of sound budgeting principles as the budgeting process moves forward every year.



“Every company doing business in Iowa should be a member of the Iowa Taxpayers Association, the most effective organization of its kind when it comes to positively impacting the bottom line of your Iowa operation.”
  - Timothy M. Wilkinson, Vice President, ALCOA

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Mailing Address

400 East Court Ave, Suite 126
Des Moines, Iowa 50309

(515) 243-0300 • (888) 303-3880


Tom Sands

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