NTC Officers & Board Members

NTC Officers

Carol Portman | President

Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois

Miguel Legarreta | Vice President

Associated Taxpayers of Idaho

Cindy Creighton | Vice President

Nevada Taxpayers Association

Eileen McAnneny | Secretary

Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation

Dale Craymer | Immediate Past President

Texas Taxpayers and Research Association

NTC Board of Directors


Kevin McCarthy | Arizona Tax Research Association

Robert Gutierrez | California Taxpayers Association

Dominic M. Calabro | Florida TaxWatch

Tom Yamachika | Tax Foundation of Hawaii

Miguel Legarreta | Associated Taxpayers of Idaho

Carol Portman | Taxpayers' Federation of Illinois

Tom Sands | Iowa Taxpayers Association

Robert Scott | Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana

Eileen McAnneny | Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation

Mark Haveman | Minnesota Center of Fiscal Excellence

Bob Story | Montana Taxpayers Association

Cindy Creighton | Nevada Taxpayers Association

Richard Anklam | New Mexico Tax Research Institute

Michael DiBiase | Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council

Dale Craymer | Texas Taxpayers and Research Association

Howard Stephenson | Utah Taxpayers Association

Lew Moore | Washington Research Council

Ashley Harpstreith | Wyoming Taxpayers Association