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Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council


RIPEC, a 501(c)(3), is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan public policy research and education organization dedicated to the advancement of effective, efficient and equitable government in Rhode Island.

Through its in-depth research, program monitoring, advocacy and public information activities, RIPEC:

  • Suggests approaches to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government agencies;

  • Promotes fiscal responsibility and sound management practices;

  • Assists elected officials and their staff in the development of sound policies and programs;

  • Provides objective information and conducts educational programs for the benefit of Council members, public officials, and the general public;

  • Builds coalitions with other community groups to promote sound public policies; and

  • Promotes a public policy agenda to promote a climate for economic opportunity.


  • FY 2005 State Budget: Overview and Comments

  • Taxpayer Guide to School Finance Reform

  • FY 2005 Medicaid Report

  • Analysis of Rhode Island’s Debt Position and the 2004 Bond Referenda

  • Results: Education in Rhode Island

  • A System Out of Balance – Rhode Island’s State and Local Tax System


“For those of us in journalism and academia, RIPEC’s assiduous collection of information and insightful—and sometimes courageous— analysis of what it all means for public policy is invaluable.”
  - The Providence Journal

Mailing Address

86 Weybosset Street, 5th Floor
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

(401) 521-6320 • F (401) 751-1915


Executive Director

John Simmons

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