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Wyoming Taxpayers Association


The Wyoming Taxpayers Association, a 501(c)(4), is a nonprofit corporation organized to serve its members by promoting efficient and effective government through independent and unbiased analysis of public expenditures and taxation policies, coupled with wide dissemination of these analysis.


  • How Wyoming Compares - Revenues and Expenditures - national comparative fiscal rankings.

  • Wyoming Tax Summary - guide to state and local taxes, including statutory citation, base, rate, exemptions, collection procedure, yield, distribution and government agency contacts.

  • Wyoming Property Taxation - annual county-by-county report detailing the assessed value and mill levies for all Wyoming taxing jurisdictions.


WTA Tax Roundup is Wyoming’s monthly newsletter.


  • Senate File 34, Wyoming Property Tax relief - Regionalized Property Tax Relief

  • Senate Files 9, 12 & 44 - Legislation dealing with the valuation of Intangible Assets.

  • Senate File 67, Specific Purpose Tax - Collections

Mailing Address

200 East 8th Ave, Suite 203, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

(307) 635-8761 • F (307) 637-7556


Executive Director

Ashley Harpstreith

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